About The Brand Advisory

At The Brand Advisory we assist businesses in creating consistency across all of their branding. This includes brand foundation, logo design, corporate identity, all printed materials for business marketing and promotion, infographics, social media digital design, signage, and in-house documentation/reports. 

Our goal is to build strong relationships with our clients, to listen to their pain points and share in their business vision. We offer education in business branding so our clients not only get the most out of the service we provide, but become more adept in their own brand awareness; equipping them with the tools to grow their business and connect with their target audience.  

Whilst we specialise in graphic design expertise, we also provide our clients with direct access to our team of trusted and loyal suppliers across all facets of the design and printing industry who are ready to assist with expert advice and know-how. 

Our team consists of a strategic marketing business coach, copywriter, commercial photographer, signage specialist, search engine optimisation expert, website developer and host, commercial printer, and a commercial video and media production specialist.  

Together we offer exemplary service and outstanding results.

Naomi Jaremczuk, Creative Advisor and Graphic Designer 

If there's one word that sums up Naomi, it's 'Consistency'!

Naomi has 22+ years experience with brand strategy and innovation roles as an integrated specialist in creative design and strategic advising. During her career she’s worked on some of the world’s most widely recognised brands including L’Oreal, Garnier, Sigma Pharmaceuticals, Guardian and Sleepmaker; in particular, their sponsorship of the 2000 Sydney Olympics, and has also won her share of design awards along the way.

Highly experienced, Naomi is a strong believer in the power of design and creativity and has a keen interest in how it drives proven business results. She’s focused on implementing consumer ideas to uncover fundamental new ways of developing brands in an ever changing industry. She believes in uniting creativity and connectivity to put people, their needs and their behaviours at the centre, so that they can overcome any brand and design challenge.

Naomi now leads her own design studio, The Brand Advisory, working with a team of professional thinkers to constantly evolve the studio’s approach to creative problem solving. By leveraging diverse skills of the her advisory team she unearths true business problems and identifies solutions to connect people and her client’s brands in innovative and competitive ways.

Outside of her busy schedule, Naomi is a photographer at heart, so anything that gets her out of the house and into nature is an absolute passion for her. Other than that, her time is taken up with family life.